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Best Mainstream Dating Sites

DuckDuckPorn presents the list of the highly demanded category – Mainstream Dating Sites.

There are the sites you are likely to find a partner. In order to become a member of any of these resources you need to go through simple registration process and fill the Profile with personal data, tastes and preferences.

We included classical and sex resources in this category as it may happen that our users are also interested in web resources where people are seeking not for sex only. In order to make sure all of our users’ demands are satisfied we made a brief research on resources with advanced services and big pool of profiles.

We have chosen several headliners and the list is rather short. However, you can be sure that these resources are ideal for those seeking for partners even if you are looking for relationships over the globe.

For example, AnastasiaDate site contains millions of profiles over the world and users there have different purposes like relationships, trip or just sex date.

There are also non-classical date resources like It’s Just Lunch dating service. It is oriented to lead to an almost immediate date after you meet a Profile of a person you like. It is a very convenient service for those who prefer face-to- face dates rather than online chats.

So we have found resources designed either for those looking for something specific and for those looking for general dating services.

Why Did We Choose These Sites?

DuckDuckPorn Mainstream Dating Sites Category contains only reputable services. We checked them using different metrics in order to make sure each site is popular, trustworthy and

reputable. We also considered anonymity issues in order to make sure you can hide your personality.

The number of users signed up was important, but not essential as we were mostly concerned on the number of users online as this is more important than number of “dead” accounts.

One more characteristic we evaluated is geography. We tried to include only world wide resources to satisfy demands of users from all over the world.

We also considered financial policy and safety. We included resources that demand fees and offer high-quality service in the same time.

At last there is not many sites in the category – however, we have chosen the best ones and if you cannot get what you want on one site then you will get it on another one.

How Should You Choose A Site In The Category Mainstream Dating Sites?

In order to find site you need it is better to read reviews for each site we listed in the category Mainstream Dating Sites. It will help you to decide which site fits to your needs. However, the

best way to choose your website it is better to sign up to get an access to advanced functions so you can evaluate website functions on your own.

To register on the site just follow the link on review page or Category list – most of these websites support Facebook registration. However, if there are any anonymity issues you can register using only email.

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Mainstream Dating Sites