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LiveJasmin – About Sex Cam Jasmin

Everyone knows that LiveJasmin is the most popular and large-scale adult live video chat within the entire Internet, and one of the most popular sites in general. But how and by what means it earned its status and keeps it at the highest level for many years? Let’s learn more about LiveJasmin Chat and consider how to use it to get the maximum pleasure.



The history of LiveJasmin live video chat

The history of Live Jusmin video chat started in the already far away from the present day 2001 year in the United States. Those days several businessmen and enthusiasts, who come from Hungary and headed by Giorgi Gattyan, thinking about how to transform the scope of online entertainment and take it to a new level.
In search of its place, they created a company Jasmin Media Group to engage the developments of totally available to users around the world webcam chat. At that time, the concept of webcam chat, where models offers to customers erotic services and chat online for a fee was not new to the Internet. But technical facilities and a common concept of those days’ services have not been developed for all 100% of the capacity and had a need in upgrading.

Our guys felt this need on time and sat down to create the most user-friendly in all aspects of online entertainment service. The result still exceeded all their expectations even though a huge enthusiasm and clear understanding of the ultimate goal.

LiveJasmin Chat began its work literally in a garage. The work was in full swing for twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week at one place with a few dozen of people. Programmers at this time continued to improve the system, support team responds to customer requests and the first models do their job.

The project’s scope in first few months was minimal and, at the same time, the number of customers has also been limited. But exactly that time after bearing the first hard steps, the site formed its first stable customer base which was constantly replenished (including word of mouth method). People came back and returned. Climbing to the summits began just after 1 year from the LiveJasmin’s start.
Keeping a systematic approach to dealing with constant scaling the business, the creators have achieved top performance through the niche in the middle of 2000s, constantly offering excellent service with many unique features.

It is easy to stop resting on in such situation of instantaneous achieving all peaks, when millions and tens of millions of users began to come to the site every day. But LiveJasmin Chat in comparison with other leaders of those times (many of them do not work to the moment) don’t stop their way and did not allow them to overtake by the newest cutting-edge webcam chats with continuously improving its offer in accordance with the trends of the present time.

That is why we can call Live Jas Min a bastion of quality and innovation in its industry for the past 15 years.

Why LiveJasmin girls are better that models in other live video chats

LiveJasmin Model

Technical sophistication of webcam chat site is not the thing that holds the visitor’s attention primarily. The main driving force of such sites is always the quality of models’ range, when the user came to the site and already knows that he’ll have a good time in good company here.

LiveJasmin Chat offers us a high level choice of models to suit every taste, which is achieved by providing extremely attractive working conditions to all of them. Be sure that working motivation here is well here.

What are we talking about in general?

  1. The average models’ skill levelSome webcam chat sites available for of each and every who can connect to the site as a model immediately and do whatever want and reach money (and it is often situation). Other sites don’t follow of the models’ skills in due measure and the user can not have fun to the full.Live Jasmin monitors the work of its models and generously promotes best workers, so each model is seek to work here and are always ready to entertain you until exhaustion (if you want it).
  2. Wide range of models 24/7Some sites give preference to cooperation with a limited number of models. The visitor is bored from time to time on such sites because the lack of choice. LiveJasmin guarantees selection of hundreds or thousands of models at any time of the day, regardless of the time zone. Everything optimized for the user and you could always find the best option for leisure here.
  3. Models for all tastesSome sites (lots of sites actually) specialize in providing entertainment services from one specific category models. Live Jas In is moving towards full coverage of the audience together with described above demanding attitude to the average quality of entertainment. It’s a tough combination of factors, but the responsible approach of site’s team guarantees its implementation in full.
  4. Real porn starsLiveJasmin offers one huge feature almost any other adult live video chat service can’t afford. Live Jasmin cooperates with real adult movie stars who regularly delight fans with their talents live. This is a unique opportunity to touch as close as possible your object of absolute desire.

How to start communication with models in LiveJasmin chat

LiveJasmin Chat guarantees more democratic ability to communicate with models in chat than any other adult site like this. Live Jasmin revolutionized the world of live webcam entertainment with providing access to live public rooms without registration. This system works well today.

The only and the easiest thing you need to do to start conversation to the model is to go to the main page, choose the model you like and click on the preview to open the public room (notice: if you see “private chat” marker at the preview, you can’t do this).
Now you’re in the model’s room and you can start talking to her (or him, or them). Find the chat line at the bottom right part of the screen and greet the model. You need to understand that it’ll be difficult to speak to model normally because everyone of other users have the same rights here and the model simply will not be able to respond quickly to you. In addition, messages may remain unnoticed, because unregistered user get random name like “guest1375” and model may not notice your attention.

To get the full model’s attention you need to invite her of him to the private chat. We’ll talk about it later.

Private sex shows video recordings

Videos on Live Jasmin

Once you register at Live Jasmi and add some funds to your inner account, you can now only go to watch model’s private show but also record it for your own use and to view later again. No one will have access to this video.
In general, you can also find a variety of pre-recorded videos by models. You do not believe that the girl deserves an invitation to the private chat? Watch these videos with her participation and take the final decision!

High quality photos of models at LiveJasmin

LiveJasmin Chat

The other huge massive of adult content at Jasmin Live is a photo galleries of models. Models places at the site free and paid photo for users. The task of these photos is the same to videos. This is a key of making user’s interest to ask model to private chat and use other paid functions. This is also the reason why registered user can find here a really interesting stuff.

Anyone can see model’s free photos without explicit scenes. You can find if at the personal model’s profile right under the broadcast window at the personal chat page. Public content here is at “free content” tab. Paid photos with more fun you can discover at the “premium content” tab.

What’s the difference between private chat and public chat?

Registration at LiveJasmin for the newcomers


Let’s sort out the basic features that provide public and private types of video chat at LiveJasmin. As mentioned earlier, public chat rooms is available for each visitor of LiveJasmin and this is an owner’s position of principle, with which the site blew up the Internet at one time. Each person is not required to pay for access to chatting with any model and have a good time.

This means that you are free to visit the site, simply select every public room you want (sort Models by a narrow request, if necessary), go to her or his page and write a message which model will see and be able to answer.
Another question is: how she will notice your message in a public chat and respond after finding an interest to you? And it is not clear whether she get interest to a nameless guest?

LiveJazmin is a mega popular website everywhere in the world and here are not only lots of models but a huge amount of visitors per minute. If you want to get attention to your person from model, you need to register here. Registration process is simple, you just need to find the registration button at the top right corner of the main page, click on it and follow simple instructions, such as entering your e-mail, password and buying your first credit pack. (Buying credits today is necessary option for each new user and we’ll talk about it sometime later.)

After registration you can talk to models in public rooms without limits and now you have an access to all exclusive paid features.
Now you can stay at each public room and have a good talk with model you like. But you still limited by the presence of other users that are preventing you. You want personal audience with the model when all her of him attention will be focused on you and your desires. You need to invite model into private chat and after accepting your request you can make your dreams true.

What is private chat?

This is a place where you can chat with the model twosome. No one will disturb you and your object of desires. During the conversation you may ask model to do something and each thing that model accept (including the general rules of private rooms) will become a reality during the online show. Feel like a true master of the situation!

Presence in private chat charged per minute, so you should pay attention to the account balance. When your credits tend to zero, the show will stops technically. Maybe and unfortunately, at the most crucial moment. Today you can start automatic recharge vie your credit card at the site to prevent interruption to the process of communication.

Also, private chat is the place where you can open a world of truly erotic actions. Public chat has limitations in question on nudity. You can ask them to undress completely and to show erotic show only during the private session. Perhaps this is the most important reason to take advantage of paid chat benefits.

Why do we need to pay during the registration at LiveJasmin

Livejasmin is known as the webcam chat with the strong loyalty for free and unregistered users. Users have always been able to visit the site and chat with models for free. Today you can do that but registration has recently become paid.
It is doesn’t mean that you’ll pay for the fact of registering yourself as a new user. This is a way of the initial sorting of users. Imagine a situation when all users can sign up for free and do everything in chats. You want a nice chat in the public room but other users will constantly aimlessly disturb you. Now users are the only ones who have an interest in communicating and you have more opportunities for quality civilized pastime.

Funds that you give during registration are moving to your account, and you can use them in the future on the site as the payment for paid services. Thus, the site takes care of the comfort of each adequate user.

How to choose the most beautiful model in the chat

OK, you came to LiveJasmin, have an account here and ready to have fun. What you need to do at first?

Sexy Models

The list of previews of variety of models that are online at the moment and working in public chat is on the main page and you cannot pass it. So many pictures of hot girls here! You can easily scroll through the almost endless list and make your choice with the help of photos and online preview (opens when you point the cursor on the photo). The problem is the same, how to find the model you really want?

Let’s look at all the sort chat tools available here.

First of all, you can use detailed search by nickname. Put your cursor at the search bar on the top lest part of the main page and write the name of a particular model here. If you done it right, you’ll find her channel in one click. (Registered users can put favorite models in personal list of favorites for quick access.)
If you’re not looking for anyone in particular, you need to use other search tools. What are your general preferences?

The site displays a list of straight female models by default but also you can find here are several basic categories of models to suit all tastes. Find “girl” button right under site’s logo at the top and click on it. Drop-down menu will show you then such categories to your taste as:

  • “hot flirt” is a double-edged dating zone where you can start (first of all) an interesting dialogue and something special;
  • “soul mate” is a category of models who always ready to listen to you and give a good life advice, sympathy and consolation;
  • “lesbian” is a girl pairs who’s ready for frenzied action on a camera for both interested men and women;
  • “mature woman” for lovers of big life experience and adult women bodies;
  • “fetish” is a place to spice up your dirtiest little thoughts using nonstandard depraved models;
  • “couple” is simple one. Girl and boy sit down together and wait for you to show hot sex;
  • “boy for girl” is a straight guys for our loved straight female users;
  • “gay” is for guys who’re looking for other sweet guys;
  • “transgender” is a… you know what is that, yeah? Communicate freely to them. Such a lovely people and some of them work in pairs.

There is a line with the most popular tags for quick sorting to the right of this drop-down box. Choose everything you like between:

  • Newest registered models;
  • Age 18 (legal teen category with really young look like models);
  • Girls with big tits;
  • Latin Women;
  • Streams for fans of stockings;
  • Asian girls;
  • Blondes;
  • Brunettes;
  • The most petite models;
  • Girls who use vibratoy (special instrument that begins to vibrate in the model’s vagina from donate sound);
    “On sale” is a low-cost model to enter the private chat;

The far right button here opens other one drop-down with LiveJasmin recommendation lists:

  • recommended” is the best choices to chat provided by LiveJasmin;
  • classic” is a guaranteed good and experienced online models;
  • most popular” cams at the moment;
  • newbies” is a best new models;
  • alphabetical” is a list of all girls available at the moment placed by their names.

If you need more accurate sorting methods, you need to come back to search bat and find a button between it. It provides full list of popular tags to sort, grouped by some general categories:

  • Age (18, 20s etc);
  • Ethnicity (Asian, ebony, white or latin);
  • Language to speak (English, German etc);
  • Current status (free of private chat);
  • Special features (porn stars, new models, vibratoy, HD video etc);
  • Kinds of appearance (tattoos, hairy pussies etc);
  • Region of residence (North America, Asia, Europe);
  • Hair color (black, blonde, redhead);
  • Type of breasts (big or small);
  • Willingness (smoking; anal sex; squirt, footjob etc).

What you can and can’t do at the private chat

Model on Jasmin

Private chat offers users lots of opportunities to satisfy fantasies, but there is also some limits that you need to remember during the private conversation with the model.

First of all, you need to notice the list of things in model’s profile that she or he wouldn’t do for you. If your model doesn’t smoke, you can’t ask her or him to do that.
The second thing is a pedophile games. All the models at LiveJasmin are adults but you can’t ask them to portray children in sexual games.

The other one principal rule is not to try asking model for her or his contacts. You can chat with models only using LiveJasmin site and any ways to contact outside or pay real money for shows shall be punished by the administration.
For the rest you may ask models about everything you want and you will be for it to the full. Enjoy your time at LiveJasmin.

How to meet the real porn star at Live Jasmin

In addition to all pleasures available here, LiveJasmin can offer you one really crazy proposal. Maybe you are crazy about the talents of some porn star from the screen. You can talk to her here online! Lots of famous real porn stars works for LiveJasmin regularly and ready to talk with mortals and give them an unforgettable private show for a corresponding fee.

If you want to find the list of all porn stars available now at the site, you need to find search bar at the top of the main page and press on button near it. Drop-down box will show you list of categories, where you may find “Special – Porn Star” link. After clicking on it, you’ll find the list of porn stars available online. Choose the one you like and ask them to make your dreams real.

How to recharge your account and go to private chat

If you want to add some funds to your inner LiveJasmin account, you need to register and log in at first. Then you may find “get credits” button on the top right part of the main screen and press on it.

(Notice that you can’t use real money for pay here for services. You need to buy inner currency (credits) for real money and pay with it. In which case, you can withdraw money with the same method.)

So, then you need to choose the payment method:

  • Credit/debit card;
  • Paysafecard;
  • Band wire transfer;
  • Bitcoin;

And now site can offer you some packs:

  • 17.99 credits for 20.99 Euro;
  • 27.99 credits for 30.99 Euro;
  • 67.99 credits for 70.99 Euro;
  • 97.99 credits for 100.99 Euro;
  • 157.99 credits for 160.99 Euro.

The site regularly offers customers bonus credits.
Now you’re ready for action in private chat!

General conclusion and views of users

A quick glance at any part of it becomes obvious that is the biggest and most quality webcam chat for all with multiple free opportunities and comfortable paid service system. Everything here built perfectly and maintained by a large team of specialists ready to solve the problems of each user. Prices are quite high, but the level of services is the highest.

People are generally positive about LiveJasmin Chat and often choose it because of the high quality (they’re can’t use cheaper alternatives).
You can expect here for a truly unforgettable experience and revelations with the models which most of us can usually only dream of.


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